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Matthew 24:1-4

Deception has always been one of Satan’s greatest strategies to keep us away from God and his truth, lies have always been his daily bread and making us believe them has been his great victory.

The fact that we believe a lie does not make it become a truth, unfortunately this is how we live life, in the dark, wrapped in darkness and justifying our actions to feel good but inside us there is something that tells us that everything is a deception and that we need the truth of God to be free.

Augustine once said: “the heart of man will always be restless until it meets God”, I believe this is so, as long as we live in the world without Jesus, we will only be under the hand of lies that this world wants us to believe.

Some strategies of deception that remind us that we are in the end times are:

False prophets and preachers who claim to be from God but are not.- The denial of absolute truth by the system, by the world and make us believe that there are only relative truths.

To make us believe that we are self-sufficient and that we do not need divine help, indeed, man borders on the foolishness of denying that God is real.

The love of many has grown cold, there is no compassion and mercy.

Jesus had already said this, that is why we can say that apart from Him we can do nothing.

God always comes JUST IN TIME.

Pastor Eliashc

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