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Ezekiel 37:11-14 

Who has not been through a disappointment in life? something that we expected and of which we had the highest expectations and it did not arrive, or it did not arrive as we expected, then, sadness knocks on the door of our hearts for not having achieved it, thus ending in a great disappointment. 

I think we’ve all gone through that and perhaps some more than others, it has marked them more to the point that they stayed there, imprisoned by feelings of guilt and frustration. 

It is important to learn to face those moments, because they are going to come and I want to give you some advice that can help you. 

Disappointment will not stop knocking on your door, it is up to you to open it or face it and to do it,  so keep the following in mind: 

  • We all fail at some point in life, there is no one perfect and without failures, only God. Learning this is important so that you do not choose to be disappointed in people because even you fail. 
  • Love first and never expect that love to be returned to you. Give without expecting anything in return, this way you will be free to feel disappointed when people do not thank you for what you have done. 
  • We must understand that man is the result of what is in his heart, Jesus expressed it this way: the bad tree can never bear good fruit. This is important to know so that you do not expect more from someone whose heart has been mistreated. 
  • Learn from what happened and strengthen yourself in God to get back up, you choose if you stay prostrate in the mud of disappointment or get up and continue trusting in God. 

Knowing your purpose in God is important to not expect more than what the father has destined for you. 

God always arrives JUST ON TIME 


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