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St. John 14: 1-3 NLT

Have you ever missed being home?

I think if you have traveled constantly then it happened to you right?

You can be enjoying many things but in the end: you miss your house, your place, that space where you know you have the freedom to express yourself and rest.

Everything in God is about home, relationship, family, that is why Jesus expresses to the disciples that: in my father’s house, there are many dwellings.

We will never be able to understand this word and how important it is to God if today our physical home is not the place we love and yearn for, if the concept we have is wrong.

Today is what Satan has most attacked and damaged, we have believed the wrong concept of family and therefore I could tell you that it is on the verge of extinction, today we have people who just want to be able to go out on the street because they can no longer stand being «locked up» «at home, domestic abuse and contempt, dysfunctional homes.

Today the concept of home is that of a place where we do not want to return any more but from which we want to run away.

We need to reflect and return to the principle that God established, a healthy concept of home where the relationship based on his love is what is important to overcome all obstacles.

God always comes RIGHT ON TIME

P. Eliashc

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