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Philippians 4: 6-7 

Every word to which we open our ears, every situation that we allow ourselves to see, is food that reaches our minds, that place where the strongest battles of life take place.

You can lose a physical battle if you are already defeated in your way of thinking.

Our senses are open doors that can make us victorious if we allow God to flood them or that we simply live as slaves and defeated if we allow all the worries and desires of this world to fill them. 

You have never asked yourself why do you have hopelessness, sadness, depression, frustration, discouragement, if you say you believe in God? Believing is not simply attending a church or carrying a bible, it is more than an action!

That is why the apostle Paul gives us an interesting advice: do not give mind to what does not edify you, place your anxiety and thoughts in God, pray and surrender all zeal and need believing, let the peace of God keep your heart in Christ and you will be able to experience that life in abundance that is prepared for you. 

To engage the mind in things that are not productive and that do not feed faith is to develop a bad mental habit. What is your mind on today? Learn to rest in the giver of life! 

God always comes RIGHT ON TIME 


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