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Phillipians 4:8

What rules your mind will have control or dominion over everything else.

The manner in which we react to life is subjected to what we think about , and what we think about is in our mind as a product of everything that we have opened our senses to and we have allowed it to be recorded there.

It can be words or images.

From the moment we get up until we go to bed, we are being bombarded by ideas, sounds, words, images that do not build ourselves up, the only thing they do is damage or end the faith that you receive from God.

Bad news, death and destruction, despair, pornography, lies, and many more things, are what we “feed” ourselves with daily, limiting the words and advice that come from God.

We think that making a 17 minute stop during our life journey to listen to the word of God is a lot of time to waste, but we spend whole hours watching lies and watching what is no good in social media and some other things that you are aware of that I will not mention.

At the end we only complain to God because we have the life that we have.

What do you occupy your mind on each day?

You should spend more time listening to what really builds up and feeds your faith, because that faith put on God is what will sustain you today.

God always arrives JUST IN TIME


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