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MARK 5:30-34 

There are two groups and differences between all those who follow Jesus: 

There are those who press and there are those who make the glory of God descend. 

It all begins with the position of our heart when being before God. Am I with a humbled heart, surrendered to Him, recognizing His sovereignty over me? 

Those that squeeze have the following characteristics: 

  • They do not have a heart in the correct position to ask and therefore they will not have the correct position to receive. 
  • They are with Jesus but they only want an answer, they do not want commitments, in other words, do the miracle for me but do not change my life. 
  • They only believe but do not trust, their trust is in other things or people and not in Christ. 
  • They only follow Jesus because it is the boom of the moment, he makes me feel good to sing, I like the words he says but up there. 
  • His commitment is more to the cult than to the owner of the cult. They don’t want intimacy, relationship and communion with God, just fame and recognition. 

Are you one of those who squeeze? 

God always arrives JUST ON TIME 


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