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2 Kings 7: 3-11 

There are moments in life when belief is not part of a possibility, it is everything.

All the time we are making decisions, some favor us, others have become a mistake, we have to face the consequences and get up, but what happens when you already feel without strength and  you find yourself in a position that you do not know what to choose, in other words we could use the expression “between a rock and a hard place”, you feel fear and anxiety because you know that it is a decision that could affect you strongly for better or for worse, you cannot wait any longer, you cannot delay the process any longer, it is now or never …

It seems like a movie but it is like that when situations in life take us by surprise and even more so when we feel that because of our condition, we are the least favored, however in God it is not like that, something great is behind the limitation that your eyes see … 

This happened to 4 men who, in addition to being in a difficult time due to the hunger that existed in the place where they were, had to be away from their family, friends and have to «abandon» their dreams due to the illness that came over them. it was leprosy.

These boys had two options: stay, get angry with life and die or believe that as long as they had life there would be hope for them. 

It’s amazing how God can change the story the world wanted you to be: Frustrated, finished, depressed, defeated, for a life in abundance beyond your physical condition! 

However, you have to make a determination: Either you believe or you die!

They chose to risk believing and since believing is useless but you start to walk, they advanced and what they saw was not death, it was more than their humanity expected … 

God may surprise you today, but what do you decide? 

You could spend the rest of your life wondering: «What would have happened if I had?», without finding any answer or accepting God’s challenge and believing! 

God always arrives JUST ON TIME 


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