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Matthew 6:25-34

Life is a gift from God, we do not receive it because we deserve it or because of the good works that we consider that we do, we only receive it out of grace, out of love, understanding that it is not something that we earn but that it was given to us as a gift, we learn to trust that the one who gave it to us will also be with us to teach us and help us enjoy it and live it abundantly. 

We as human beings complicate everything, we always find the most complicated ways out, we add burdens that God has not placed and in the end we feel that we can no longer continue. 

Worry is one of those extra burdens that we carry in life, the tremendous thing is that we have not yet understood that worrying is a bad habit that leads to illness and leads us more and more to a certain defeat. 

Staying busy is very different from worrying because worry is simply getting busy before the right time. 

I will give you a little advice or rather seven reasons not to be worried: 

– Understand that the same one who gave you life, also takes care of everything you need. Jesus said: your father knows what things you need. 

– Worrying about tomorrow makes it difficult to deal with today. 

– Worry is harmful, it is more harmful than helpful. 

– God never forgets those who depend and wait on Him. 

– Worry is a sign of lack of faith and understanding of who God is. 

– Worry does not let you face the challenges that God places in your life daily to teach you and lead you to growth. Worry paralyzes you, stops you, tires you. 

– Worry will steal your time and the most wonderful years of life. It will always try to consume you before you see the answer and what God has prepared for you. 

God always arrives just in time


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