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Psalms 139:23-24

Keeping things hidden will bring disastrous consequences, trying to hide the truth is a grave mistake.

Sometimes we think that it is better to let things go, leave them just the way they are, thinking that with this attitude we will avoid suffering, but it is really not so.

We have always believed that the truth hurts, and it could get us in troubles, we do not realize that we are already in trouble for wanting to remain in darkness.

The lack of light, the lack of truth in our life, leads us to continue making mistakes. Imagine that man who was born blind and was healed by Jesus. He spent an entire life thinking how that moment would be like, and now, he could see.

Perhaps, he could had gotten angry with Jesus for giving him his sight and taking him out of his comfort zone where he was accustomed to live (even though in misery and pain), but no, he knew how to value the miracle.

King David allows us to see, according to my personal concept, one of his most daring prayers, moments in which he tells God: “Examine me and test me.” In other words,” I expose myself to your truth.

Open my eyes so I can see what I could not see.” Could you, today, express this prayer in front of God?

Many times, we think about it, right? But we do not want to feel uncomfortable and feel accused, but this is not God’s intention.

He wants to show us what is not correct in us so that we walk on the abundant life that he promised.

We need order in our life and be exposed to the truth, do not let time pass by.

When you decide to be in God’s light, you will always have his support and he will make everything work for the good, no matter how implicated it may seem.

Remember today: “He who covers his sin will not attain mercy…”

God always arrives JUST IN TIME


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