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Psalms 42: 1-5

Dying does not mean ceasing to exist, it is a mistake to think that taking life is to stop suffering, although physically clear that it is, but our soul will hardly begin a journey that goes to an eternity of suffering.

God put eternity in man, this physical body is simply a transport that when it perishes returns to dust but our soul continues to live and the question is where?

When you allow God to dwell in your heart you discover that there is life, salvation and purpose in this life and that there is an eternity.

David came to experience loneliness, betrayal, pain and lack of sleep, not being able to fall asleep because he was so loaded that all he did was cry and remember, there are times when we think that «bitter drink» that He gave us life will be forever and thoughts of death cross our mind, DO NOT fall into the game of the evil one!

While you live there is hope and God is willing to help you and make you experience that true life in abundance.

Yes, perhaps life has not been pleasant for you, you have suffered and much, but today there is a God reminding you that he created you, that he loves you and that in his hands you will recover meaning and life.

He can get you up and show you which is the best way, but today the decision is made by you …

All you have to do is ask him to enter your heart, that you need him to be your father and show you his truth. let Jesus dwell in you!

God always comes RIGHT ON TIME



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