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Mark 5:35-43 NIV

Did you know that faith is God’s thoughts expressed to mankind through His revealed word? Faith comes or is produced by hearing the words of God.

Faith is indispensable to sustain us in this difficult world, the true faith that comes from God.

I will continue to add what through the life of Jairus God wants to teach us to learn to hope and prevail in every matter of life.

We must learn the following by adding to what we learned in the previous devotional:

1- A delay does not mean a refusal from God. Sometimes we think that time is running out, but for God it is not like that, when God is going to act, natural laws are not obstacles, remember that He is time itself.

2- When you need an answer or a miracle from God, go privately and pray, do not seek help outside of God, cry out to Him in secret and His reward will come in public.

3- Surround yourself with the right people, many may be by your side with good intentions but they are not enough, it is about guarding your heart and strengthening your faith. There are many who will only kill the faith that God has given you.

4- There are situations that only you and your house should know about.

When Jesus went to pray for the healing of this girl, he took everyone out of the house and left the parents and the three people who accompanied him alone, they closed the door and the miracle happened, then everyone witnessed what happened, but before it happened, he closed the door.

God always comes JUST IN TIME

P. Eliashc

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