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Mark 5: 35-36

Life will not always be easy but in the middle of every circumstance that God allows, there is a teaching and a purpose.

We must learn to face with faith and wisdom each season that comes to us to be able to get the best out of it, therefore, this word that tells us about what happened with this man named Jairus leaves us with a great teaching and marks some important guidelines that if we keep, will help us to stand firm in any circumstance and not faint.

We should always be aware of:

1- God is always listening in the middle of whatever you are going thru. Faith is not about feelings but about believing.

2- You must learn that when God is working, someone will always rise up to discourage you and end your faith, but it is up to you how to react. There will always be opposition.

3- Always remember that you are not alone, God has promised to be there, just believe and wait for Him to do it in the best possible way and in His time.

You must Believe him when he says: DON’T BE AFRAID, JUST HAVE FAITH.

In the next devotional I will give you other important points to be able to stand without backing up.

God always arrives JUST IN TIME


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