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MARK 5:21-34

Some will call you an opportunist; others will say you have no shame; others will tell you it is not your moment, and you have to wait because they got their first. Your eyes will make you believe that it is so and believe that you lost your opportunity, you will think that others arrived before you so you have to take a turn, but perhaps when your turn arrives it will be too late.

How many battles this woman has had in her mind going through this incurable disease? Now, she was near Jesus, but there was a wall of people surrounding him reminding her she had to get in line and her turn was one of the last ones. Have you ever had to stand in line?  You arrive at a place and they tell you: “Hey Sir (Lady): You can’t go in first, you need to get in line. Go to the end of the line!” And you say: “Would I get a chance today?” Well, you have two options: You go to the end of the line and leave it to luck to get in, or you look for an opportunity to get in.

This is what this woman did. She was fearless, she was bold. Although many would call her an opportunist, she knew it was all or nothing, believe or believe; so, she touched Jesus and she received healing.

She had a faith that led her to take a risk, she believed, and she acted.

A daring, non-passive faith.

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