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Genesis 3: 6-8 

Nowadays it seems easier to let things go or hide what we are doing than to expose it or tell the truth.

It has always happened this way, from the beginning when man sinned, he did not run to God to ask for forgiveness and manifest true repentance, he simply tried to hide his sin and justify himself. 

The Bible teaches us that whoever conceals his sin will not prosper. 

God is a God of opportunities and it was demonstrated that before expelling Adam and Eve from the garden, he gave them the opportunity to repent, something that they never took advantage of but excused themselves by stating that someone else was the culprit.

They looked for fig leaves to cover their nakedness, their shame, that is, they tried to cover what they did, done in their own methods and forces, something that before God they could not hide, it is the same thing that perhaps we do today, whenever we fail we seek fig leaves to cover what we did and then hide to keep everything hidden without thinking that we are bringing the worst for ourselves and those around us. 

You can continue today cooking fig leaves to try to cover something that is better to come out to the truth or to the light, or you can let God help you by recognizing that you are not well. 

God always arrives JUST ON TIME 


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