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Isaiah 43: 18-19 

Learning to appreciate the blessing of getting up every day, opening our eyes and breathing is of vital importance, being grateful makes us expect that just as the miracle of life happens today, the other things we need will soon come, because God Himself who it gives us life, it provides for what we need in itself.

Never stop being amazed at what God does, we think that the greatest miracle is the one we are waiting for and we do not understand that it is not, the greatest miracle is that of life and that what you expect is the result of that miracle that God gives you today expressing His love and mercy.

So, God wants today to sponsor those who want to start again, there is always a new beginning in Him, the question is if you are willing to do it and if your answer is affirmative, here are 4 important points to have consider:

1- It is important to accept responsibility for the deviations we have taken in the past, that the failure that we perhaps experienced was not the fault of others, we are responsible. Living in life looking for those responsible and escaping from that responsibility is an act of cowardice and foolishness, you can never move forward.

2- Stop regretting what happened and make the decision to have a real regret not remorse. Blaming yourself and crying all the time will not turn your days back, choose to change that old way of thinking and accept to be led by God in the new one that has for you. 

 3- Focus on what is coming, stop walking looking back, it will not be much that you advance and maybe you will even stop on the way. That you only look back a few moments to remember the teaching that God left you in that situation and the opportunity you have today. 

4- Trust God, to trust is to let Him direct your life so that only you are in charge of obeying. 

God has never promised that there will be no deserts or drylands, what He has promised is to open new roads where there are none and rivers where there was no water … 

God always comes RIGHT ON TIME 

P. Eliashc

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