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Genesis 15: 1-6 

How difficult it is to believe when your eyes only see closed doors, when the only thing you see in front of you is zero opportunities, unfortunately we think we need to see, but that is where faith and the promises of God play an important role, because they lead us to believe even if we don’t see. 

God gave Abram a promise, but he was in the wrong place, he was locked in what we could call, his comfort zone, I call it: the box, there I only saw obstacles and nothing else, everything is limited because your vision alone it is limited to what is ahead, yet God moved it out of position and led it out. 

Dear friend, there is life beyond this pandemic, there is life beyond the coronavirus and the bad news that we constantly hear, but to experience it you have to get out of the box you are in, you can stay and spend your life complaining, or you can move and go further. 

When God led Abram out of «his box» he could see what God would do with his life. 

God is not finished with you, there is still much more. 

God always arrives JUST ON TIME


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