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Luke 5: 12-16 

This is a fascinating story as each of the miracles that Jesus did, were unique situations and being there and witnessing each miracle for the disciples was something not to forget, however, they realized something greater, of where came the support that Jesus had when doing all those miracles, they realized that Jesus always DEPENDED on the father, that is why Luke recorded it in verse 16: «But He withdrew to deserted places and prayed» 

Jesus depended on God, all his trust was placed in the heavenly father and this was demonstrated every time he preached, his actions spoke strongly of the support he had from heaven. 

It is difficult to depend on God, to stop and it is easier to be what we see than what we have not, but this is what the Christian life is about, dependence on God. 

You will never be able to walk in purpose and in victory in this life if you do not learn to depend on God, stop trusting what you have in your pockets and in people, truly begin a personal relationship with God and depend on Him, I assure you that never He will leave you and always have your back. 

God always arrives JUST ON TIME 


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